The Youth Sport Coaches Training School was an exciting learning opportunity for Youth Sport Coaches to engage in cutting edge knowledge and practice relating to coaching young people. Content included:

  • The role of the Youth Sport Coach.
  • Developing and evolving a child-centred coaching philosophy.
  • The growth and development of children – social, physical, emotional and cognitive.
  • Physical Literacy.
  • The fundamentals of movement, fundamental movement skills and fundamental games skills.
  • The Coaches Toolkit: Your personal coaching skills – Explanations, Demonstrations, Setting Up Activity, Standing Back and Observing, Questioning and Listening, Feedback, Reflection.


Learners engaged in a blended learning approach of presentations, group work, practical coaching, self-directed learning and reflection to grow their coaching knowledge and coaching skills. Read more about the successfull LTT Dublin event.

Event brochure

Download a brochure containing key information and complete session schedules here.

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