Meet our Partners

The EduPASS partnership consortium is made up of seven project partners, which help implement the project objectives and work towards the specific project results based on their respective expertise. You can learn about the EduPASS partners below and access their respective websites if you want to learn more about any of the organisations.

Logo Conseil Européen des Recherches en Education Physique et Sportive (CEREPS)
has the vision of being a research council to serve as a communication base and open consortium for advanced studies in cross-border collaboration of different national institutes of sport sciences across Europe which focus on Physical Education, youth sport and other physical activities to enhance an active lifestyle for children and adolescents. The added value of CEREPS is: (a) a very significant European footprint with access to multiple data sites; (b) a wide range of high-quality proven research expertise; and (c) a considerable professional network of research scholars to enable knowledge transfer.

brings to the EduPASS project consortium their combined experience of trainer and Physical Education teacher education along with the in-house professional competences of the employed Physical Education teachers and coaches. INAPS was known as ENEPS (École national de l’éducation physique et des sports) until 2023. As National Institute for Physical Activity and Sport it has the possibility not only to contribute to the content of the project, but also to meet the real needs of the field through the very close relations with 27 sports federations. This serves as a starting point for the objectives of creating a curriculum for educational programs at Bachelor and/or Master level in Higher Educational.

a unit of Sport Ireland, has the lead role in the development of coaching in Ireland on an all-island basis. This role includes highlighting the importance of quality coaching in developing athletes and providing opportunities for sport participants of all ages and levels of competency. Sport Ireland Coaching has consistently supported the development of policies and educational resources to improve participants’ experiences in sport and physical activity.

has a strong expertise in primary Physical Education and the education of primary teachers teaching Physical Education in general. The UL offers, amongst others, a certificate of 20 ECTS in Physical Education for in-service primary teachers and educators active in non-formal education. It also offers Continuing Professional Development courses in cooperation with the National Teacher Education Institute IFEN.

delivers – through its Faculty of Education – the training of future Physical Education teachers for Primary Education. US has a lot of professional experience and expertise when it comes to teaching courses at non-formal and informal settings for Physical Education teachers and coaches (future and already active ones). This background experience adds important value to this project.

has as one of their priorities and objectives the promotion and development of training oriented to physical activity and sport, and thus brings their experience in the development of training courses and events, their knowledge of the sector, the situation of the professionals and stakeholders that comprise it to the project consortium. All those are great assets that contribute to the objectives of this project.
adds its expertise and experience in science to practice knowledge transfer to the project consortium. As such, WGI’s expertise reflected in research, university teaching, coach education and consulting as well as knowledge in organized sport and coach policy will ensure successful implementation of the project goals.
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