Intellectual Output 2

IO#2 – Recommendations on Educator and Coach Education and Training


Here you can find details regarding the EduPASS project results pertaining to Intellectual Output #2. As part of the initial work within the EduPASS project, all project partners

  • engaged in a mapping and open exchange pertaining to Educator and Coach Education Programs implemented in their respective countries
  • created a list of European stakeholders and experts in the field of Educator and Coach Education, and
  • implemented a comprehensive expert questionnaire.


Based on this expert survey and mapping exercise, recommendations for Educator and Coach Profiles as well as core aspects of a theoretical and methodological framework for Educator and Coach Education and Training were developed. Below you can find the data gathered by implementing the expert questionnaire.


EduPASS Intellectual Output #2, Expert Questionnaire - Final Report

Download a pdf version of the EduPASS Expert Questionnaire Final Report by clicking on the button below.

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